The real mystery is if you’ll make alive after viewing this collection of Gravity Falls Public Access Television!

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More random office raccoon sketches from the end of the day. My black sharpie is missing again so I used my grey one.

Some more late night Office Raccoon sketches. Just felt like doing some sharpie sketching.


Here is the second Fixin’ It with Soos short, Cuckoo Clock!

Morning warm up inspired by today being bagel day at work and it being overcast outside. I want to do more moments of office raccoon for fun.

End of the day Lego Movie sketches since I haven’t drawn fanart in a while. Also an exercise in sharpie sketching. This’ll prob be the last of it for now since I need to draw more of my own art for reasons. Okie that’s all.

TLM belongs to WB

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End of the day pirate girl sketch. Yup

Fancy desserts for Easter dinner :) The macaroons were so pretty!

Afternoon San sketch since me and the fam are watchin one of my fave movies :)

Much rainbow. So peeps. Some of these cupcakes aren’t like the others.

Happy Easter everyone! :D

  1. jovaline said: omg I’m one hundred percent all about this idea!!!! Can’t wait to see more!! *u*

He he thank you Arielle! :) I’m excited to draw sequences (rough ones mainly for time) or create a webcomic since I’ve been working out AOI’s characterization these last couple weeks and I want to practice acting her character. :D It’ll be a fun project (just gotta get myself to start lol)