Fancy desserts for Easter dinner :) The macaroons were so pretty!

Afternoon San sketch since me and the fam are watchin one of my fave movies :)

Much rainbow. So peeps. Some of these cupcakes aren’t like the others.

Happy Easter everyone! :D

  1. jovaline said: omg I’m one hundred percent all about this idea!!!! Can’t wait to see more!! *u*

He he thank you Arielle! :) I’m excited to draw sequences (rough ones mainly for time) or create a webcomic since I’ve been working out AOI’s characterization these last couple weeks and I want to practice acting her character. :D It’ll be a fun project (just gotta get myself to start lol) 

bloodyripwonderland asked: Does your photoshop crash a lot? Cause mine is and I can't get any work done

Yerrrrp it does :( More often than it used to for some reason. At least it causes me to save more often. I’ve just gotten very used to only saving sporadically. 

Quick AOI sketches that took me longer than I would have liked since photoshop kept crashing :P Anywayyyyyy I wanted to draw AOI glitching in public. The story of AOI revolves around an AI tech in the not too distant future, named AOI, who is the first digital actress that can exist outside of a computer system. In the world of AOI other digital people exist but are mainly used in the military or medical fields. The story mainly focuses on controversy of her being nominated for an Academy Award alongside humans, and the question if her persona is merely a construct of her programming or does she genuinely understand human emotions and creativity. 

This basically came about since I’ve been fascinated by AI technology for the longest time and anything dealing with computers (hence my love for the show Chuck). Anywayssss, sorry for the random strangeness. I just felt like saying what/who AOI is for y’all. 

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My grandpa used to tell me stories about this place as far back as I can remember.

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This show is great and no one can tell me otherwise.

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Morning homemade croissant French toast for Saturday. Good times :)


Box Presents: The Dam Keeper Project

Behind the scenes of the upcoming collaboration between Pixar artists

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sarahdwells asked: You like bee and puppy cat too <3

Yup yup! I absolutely love the short and I connected a lot to Bee’s character since I’m odd and silly like her :) Plus Puppycat is really cute! I want to get a Bee sweater and a Puppycat plush :D


Bee and PuppyCat - Behind the Scenes

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"…then go to Mendl’s and get me a Courtesan au Chocolat."

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