Morning warm ups of the Rocketeer Kid inspired by the song Brother by Stuck in the Sound. Yup

Finished Portal, and now I’m on to Portal 2 :) Lovin it so far! Awesome feel for the story!

Just finished watching The Dam Keeper :) Such a beautiful and heartfelt short film. The pig was so precious :O


Example of a character entering scene…

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natural beauty

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Next Gravity Falls episode, watch it!

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Fast lunch break sketch of Bipper for y’all. Aww yeahhhhh

Homemade pumpkin donuts before I head off to work :) Ah pumpkin flavored foods

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I hate myself for making this 

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Warm down sketch of a rocketeer kido. This is actually the boarding style I’ve been using as of late

Fast lunch break sketcheroo. Inspired by the song Planet by Anamanaguchi. Love me some 8-bit music

Sometimes I draw artsy fartsy stuff. Warm up drawing inspired by the song “Let’s Go” by Stuck in the Sound. I’ve been trying to limit my warm up drawings to 30 min or less. Also I’m so ready for inktober. Been drawing with ink an entire year :D


Here it is, here it is!! This is the first of three character models I’m doing for my thesis film. You can check out the original design here. You might recognize her, she’s one of my OCs that I’ve done drawings of. :D

I’ve been working really hard on this for the past couple months and I’m really proud of it so I hope you guys like it too. :’)

*I didn’t model the tombstones/shovel.

AAAHHHH Your character model look so rad!!! I love it :D

Lunchtime Chell sketches since I couldn’t think of what to draw. Almost halfway through the first Portal game. Can’t wait to play Portal 2!