I draw weird stuff at night. Originally this started out as Nolan, but then it turned into the Bounder (figures). Anyway, this is supposed to be an older version of the Bounder, and in the storyline he tries to return to the human world before all of his friends and family age (Bounders, or people who have been almost turned into trees by the Earth Princess, have their aging time slow down from the age that they become Bounders, which means if someone was a teen they would stay relatively the same age but return to normal aging time when they return to the human world while all of their friends are much older).  Yeah……..I think of weird stuff late at night…I apologize to my new followers for some of my strange drawings and stuff…. :(

drawing belongs to http://sketchinfun.tumblr.com/

  1. jovaline said: AHHH! Don’t apologize for your drawings! This story looks so rad!
  2. classykatelyn said: nah dawg dont apologize! this is cooool :))
  3. bonkalore said: I don’t really see how this is weird at all?? Only more awesome of course~
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